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Import and Export Aria Farmk Island (Ltd) was established in 1375 on the island. The company is proud that the company is a specialized import machinery and medical massage
The company policy is based on providing import and distribute new products Consistent with the countries on the world-class quality, durability based on student support and after sales service is good


 Imports - sell and deliver the best and most modern production line with European and American Massage and Reflexology

 good after-sales servicing for the rights of consumers

 creation of job opportunities and entrepreneurship

 Culture massage, massage, massage therapy, given the growing demand for urban living

 offers products ideal for use with all classes of Society (WFS) price according to the revenue

 help to institutionalize the culture of the society in order to have a healthy society massage




Most of the products the company manufactures all of its standards, Europe and America. Also manufacturers of Quality Control (QC) Yhrh are interested.

Warranty and After Sales Service

Warranty All goods and services are now labeled product warranty warranty period of 6 to 18 months (depending on the product) is. MEDITATION after sales service is 5 to 10 years at the time only by the technical unit price of parts is available. The warranty on replacement and repair parts is the warranty conditions. The company is proud to have a huge bank of Technical and skilled technicians to meet customers and other companies are sometimes.



Awards and Events


Select a preferred store by the merchants and commercials Creed in 1382

Select a Premier Store Campus 2 by Market in 1383

Superior Product Selection by Markets Campus 2, 1385

Choose Top Shop in Kish Festival in 1386

Choose the best and get the third prize at the International Exhibition booth furniture and medical equipment and hotel Kish Free Zone

Elected as respecting the client's Premier Shopping and Consumer Rights 1389

Commercial Shop in Diamond's top pick in 1391

Arab Health Exhibition 2011

Arab Health Exhibition 2012

Sports equipment and medical preparedness Exhibition in Tehran in 1391

Receive Trophy thanks to the Minister of Youth and Sports in 1391





Standards and Approvals






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Company's members

CEO: Jafar Noorbakhsh

Sails Manager: Amir Ashrafi

Board of Directors: Arshia Noorbakhsh, Sheyda Ashrafi, Shayna Noorbakhsh

Business Manager: Engineer Hosein Habibi

Technical Manager: Engineer Tahere Habibi

Technicians and After Sales Service: Engineer Hosein Heydari

Logistics: Mr Hamid Hoseini

Expert Sales and Consulting: Arash Kheyrdoost

Expert Massage and physiotherapy: Yusef Darmaneshi far



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