Omega Model

Massage is a massage feature three-dimensional and real antigravity

The highly advanced scanners to find the point of gravity of the machine, put you in a state of floating and weightlessness counsel Leah body from head to tip of toes to massage the best way possible.

Another distinctive features smart sensor device based on height and weight that is used for massage and physical characteristics of the, Although the intensity of the massage and a tall pillar in a light-weight and heavy-weight to be different.

This machine is a full set of rollers, vibrators, air bags (for pressure massage), kicker arms, balls tumble .... and come together to bring you to a wonderful massage.

Two digital color control panel with one of them, you can select the type of massage intensity and preferences do.Even for the convenience of the method of Thai massage, Chinese, Swedish, Flypyny, the Germans also used with just the push of a button without the need for complicated settings, you can get it.

LCD screen to show you what part of the body and with what intensity, what type of massage given.

Meanwhile, "the remote control device (control II) for ease of use helps to better position when you have a massage.


Some of the benefits:

 6 mechanical arm

 Has 5 automatic massage programs

 Professional Massage

Finger Type a wonderful massage as rubbing with the fingers and palm pressure builds up fatigue and pressure on all parts of the leg to be eliminated.

 Local heating system, which helps to relieve pain and fatigue.

You can change the angle and backrest height, lumbar and foot massage using to control the angle of 190 degrees

 Use your device based on harmonic textures and rhythms of music therapy massage device is playing music that gives massages.

 Ability to run multiple audio files

 Professional head and neck massage

 Cole muscles and shoulder massage





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